The 1stAdaptative pro surf competition in South East Asia held in Bali, grouped 5 divisions where 23 of the world’s most courageous adaptive surfers took on the heaving 4-5 foot Indian Ocean swell that was bombarding Echo Beach.

Surfers showcased their amazing abilities in the 5 Disability categories of Kneel, Prone, Standing, Upper Limb, Standing Lower Limb and Visually Impaired and the level was high! 

Congratulations to Adi Klang for winning the Standing Lower Limb Division.  

In the Standing Upper Limb Division, Brazil’s Mike Richard found the challenging waves especially to his liking, surfing a perfect heat by posting not only one but two Perfect 10 point waves in the four-man final, leaving his fellow finalists in a combination situation.  Richard was an aspiring young pro surfer when a motorcycle accident severely damaged his arm.  He was a long and challenging mental and physical road to recovery, but now he runs his own surf school in Brazil and hopes to see adaptive surfing have a full tour schedule where he and others can make a living by being pro surfers. 

Lewellyn Williams was the winner of the Kneel Division. Williams had his right leg amputated after being struck by a car while skateboarding in 2011, when he was just 16.

In the Visually Impaired Division, it was young Jack Jackson from Australia taking the win over senior Matt Formston, also from Australia. 

TheProne Divisionsaw Californian Mike Pingatore take a narrow win over Daniel Nel from South Africa. Arguably very challenging for both the competitors and event team, the Prone surfers needed extra assistance getting into and out of the water, and assistance in the water, no small task with the dumping shorebreak and big closing out set waves.  

Overall it was a very successful event and every competitor had a great time! After the success of this first edition, we hope it will be back next year!