69SLAM gathered to clean up Berawa Street in Bali !


69SLAM born in Bali, has been actively moving towards sustainability and fighting plastic pollution in Bali the last couple years!


One Island One Voice, a Bali based network of organizations active in the field of waste prevention and management organized the biggest clean-up all of the island to date, on the 16th of February. 69slam was a coordinator for the clean up of Berawa area, which is where their HQ is.


After only 45min of clean-up, the result was shocking !




More than 100 of cigarettes packs and over 1000 cigarettes butts!

650 plastic straws

578 Plastic bottles and cups



All this trash in less than an hour ! Imagine the change we would make if we all came together !


We all have a big role to play ! It’s time get involved and work together !