ASC, Bali Elite Surf Coaching and Meekat Global have joined forces to create a new type of surf training and competition for Under 18-year-old boy and girl surfers of all levels. There were 4 divisions: under 12, under 14, under 16 and under 18 years old. 

We were thrilled to be one of the sponsors and it also was a great way to spot up and coming groms to potentially join the 69slam team!

This first (and certainly not the last) edition ofTipi Jabrik’s Grom Patrol Training Camp and Com Series just ended, after 3 weekends of fun and intense contests.

During those 3 weeks, more than 200 kids participated. The program is structured to improve their skills and knowledge and provide them with targeted physical and mental training, as well as tools to help them increase their social media surfing profile.  

“It was such an amazing experience to be a part of the Grom Patrol here in Bali,” said 13 year old Georgie May.  “The camp was so much fun, and I learned so much.  The technical training definitely helped me out in the comp, and I came out with a great result!”  Georgie finished second in the Under 14 Girls Division. 

“It was so rad to get waves like this today, Halfway really delivered and we’re all very stoked.  I think this Grom Patrol event is so good for the kids, and I like to see more sponsors coming to support the kids.  It’s so positive, you can see how happy these kids are!  I’m so psyched to see the groms getting better and better.  Hopefully more sponsors will care about the groms, as this is the future of surfing in Indonesia, so they need to help us look after the kids.  With our boardriders, we do as much as we can with and are happy to help anyone, we’re wide open, to do events like this as many as possible,” said Garut Widiarta from HKB.

Grom Patrol creator Tipi Jabrik already dreams to organize more competitions : “Today, seeing the boys and girls ripping and having a good time, well, that’s a successful event for me for sure.  My goal for this Grom Patrol series is that it will grow in the future as we get more kids to do it.   It’s a fun event but really important to our youth, so I hope we can make Grom Patrol events not only here in Bali but in other parts of Indonesia and all around Asia in the future.”

To be continued …