rok bagoros


On his last tour in Nepal for a show, our world renowned stunt rider Rok Bagoros seized the opportunity to challenge himself again by stunt riding at one of the highest Himalayas’ peak. After a long day traveling, Rok’s team reached the Mustang Muktinath district which is surrounded by one of the highest peaks in the world, called Dhaulaghiri (8172m). After acclimatizating to high altitudes they settled down to prepare for the most challenging show in Rok’s life so far: 20 minutes long stunt-riding show at the highest point above sea level. This challenge was huge, even if Rok does up to 10 shows in a month, as there is a high risk of injury due to heavy breathing and possible fainting. But all the risks taken weren’t an issue for Rok as he wanted to fulfill one of his childhood dream. He succeeded by performing the highest stunt show on the planet. 20 minutes, no pause, always full throttle. Rok is now holder of one Guinness world record, but he won’t stop there !