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Ambassador Hayanna won the women shortboard division of RAST 2019. 

RAST Tour 2019

It was the 3rd edition of RAST (REnextop Asian Surfing Tour), one of the top surfing competition series, which takes place in several parts of Asia.

The first stop was Bali from the 19th to 22th of June. Surfers competed while sharing their passion in respect and kindness. There was $10.000 USD in prize money spread across the 4 divisions: Men’s shortboard, Men’s longboard, Women’s shortboard & Women’s longboard.

Who is Hayanna? 

Hayanna is a half Brazilian half Japanese surfer, she was born and raised in Bali where she discovered her passion for surfing. She has been part of the 69slam team for years!

She started her first heat (quarter finals) slowly, she tried to find the right wave for a long time and in the last 3 minutes she caught 2 waves that pushed her into first position.

She found her rhythm in the semis, she got onto a good wave and got another high score to back it up.

Congrats Hayanna! Much deserved. We are super proud of you.